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2015 DFG HO4020/5-1 FOR2337 Forschergruppe ‘Denitrification in Agricultural Soils: Integrated control and Modelling at various scales (DASIM)’. Horn (PI).
2015 Horizon 2020 - MARIE SKŁODOWSKA-CURIE ACTION: INNOVATIVE TRAINING NETWORK: ETN (European Training Network) Hyporheic Zone Processes – A training network for enhancing the understanding of complex physical, chemical and biological process interactions (HypoTRAIN).
2014 DFG DR310/4-2 How ingested soil microbes stimulate greenhouse gas emissions and iron transformations of earthworms. Drake (PI), Horn (Co-PI), Küsel (Co-PI).
2014 DFG HO4020/4-1. Role of fungal denitrification in N2O fluxes from soils. Horn (PI) and Well (PI). 
2012 DFG HO4020/3-1; Einzelförderung. Unraveling community structure, ecophysiology, and regulation of new acid-tolerant denitrifiers driving high N2O emissions from cryoturbated peat soil in acidic tundra. Horn (PI).
2011 DFG DR310/7-1; Initiation and Enhancement of Bilateral Cooperation; Interactions between Brazilian Earthworms and Soil Prokaryotes: Implications for Biodiversity and Greenhouse Gas (Nitrous Oxide) Emission. Drake (PI) and Horn (Co-PI).
2010 DFG HO 4020/1-2; Schwerpunktprogramm 1315 “Biogeochemical interfaces in soil”. The drilosphere as a driver of microbial metabolism of herbicides in soil: Linking processes with populations. Horn (PI) and Drake (Co-PI).


2008 DFG HO 4020/2-2; FOR 562 “Soil Processes”. Structural and functional links between denitrifiers, fermenters, and methanogens: Impact on greenhouse gases. Horn (PI) and Drake (Co-PI).
2007 DFG HO 4020/1-1; SPP 1315 “Biogeochemical interfaces in soil”. Microbial metabolism of model pesticides in the drilosphere and effect on N2O production: Linking processes with populations. Horn (PI) and Drake (Co-PI).
2007 DFG DR 310/5-1; SPP 1374 “Biodiversity Exploratories”. Impact of land-use on biogeographical diversity of soil prokaryotes and their functional links to atmospheric chemistry. Drake (PI), Horn (Co-PI), Kolb (Co-PI).
2007 DFG DR 310/4-1; Impact of earthworm ecotypes on microbial carbon- and nitrogen-transformations in the earthworm gut. Drake (PI) and Horn (Co-PI).