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Latoscha, A., Drexler, D., Witte, G., & Tschowri, N. (2021). Assessment of Diadenylate Cyclase and c-di-AMP-phosphodiesterase Activities Using Thin-layer and Ion Exchange Chromatography. Bio-protocol, 11(1, e3870).


Haist, J., Neumann, S. A., Al-Bassam, M. M., Lindenberg, S., Elliot, M. A., & Tschowri, N. (2020). Specialized and shared functions of diguanylate cyclases and phosphodiesterases in Streptomyces development. Molecular microbiology, 114(5), 808-822.

Latoscha, A., Drexler, D. J., Al-Bassam, M. M., Bandera, A. M., Kaever, V., Findlay, K. C., Witte, G., & Tschowri, N. (2020). c-di-AMP hydrolysis by the phosphodiesterase AtaC promotes differentiation of multicellular bacteria. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 117(13), 7392-7400.

Wörmann, M. E., & Tschowri, N. (2020). Zyklische Dinukleotide als molekulare Entwicklungsbremse. BioSpektrum, 26(5), 482-484.


Hengge, R., Häussler, S., Pruteanu, M., Stülke, J., Tschowri, N., & Turgay, K. (2019). Recent Advances and Current Trends in Nucleotide Second Messenger Signaling in Bacteria. Journal of molecular biology, 431(5), 908-927.

Kettles, R. A., Tschowri, N., Lyons, K. J., Sharma, P., Hengge, R., Webber, M. A., & Grainger, D. C. (2019). The Escherichia coli MarA protein regulates the ycgZ-ymgABC operon to inhibit biofilm formation. Molecular microbiology, 112(5), 1609-1625.

Latoscha, A., Wörmann, M. E., & Tschowri, N. (2019). Nucleotide second messengers in Streptomyces. Microbiology, 165(11), 1153-1165.

McLean, T. C., Lo, R., Tschowri, N., Hoskisson, P. A., Al Bassam, M. M., Hutchings, M. I., & Som, N. F. (2019). Sensing and responding to diverse extracellular signals: an updated analysis of the sensor kinases and response regulators of Streptomyces species. Microbiology, 165(9), 929-952. [000817].


Al-Bassam, M. M., Haist, J., Neumann, S. A., Lindenberg, S., & Tschowri, N. (2018). Expression Patterns, Genomic Conservation and Input Into Developmental Regulation of the GGDEF/EAL/HD-GYP Domain Proteins in Streptomyces. Frontiers in microbiology, 9(OCT), [2524].


Schumacher, M. A., Zeng, W., Findlay, K. C., Buttner, M. J., Brennan, R. G., & Tschowri, N. (2017). The Streptomyces master regulator BldD binds c-di-GMP sequentially to create a functional BldD2-(c-di-GMP)4 complex. Nucleic acids research, 45(11), 6923-6933.

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