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Surey, R., Lippold, E., Heilek, S., Sauheitl, L., Henjes, S., Horn, M. A., Mueller, C. W., Merbach, I., Kaiser, K., Böttcher, J., & Mikutta, R. (2020). Differences in labile soil organic matter explain potential denitrification and denitrifying communities in a long-term fertilization experiment. Applied soil ecology, 153, [103630].
Wang, Y., Zhang, N., Tan, D., Qi, Z., & Wu, C. (2020). Facile Synthesis of Enzyme-Embedded Metal–Organic Frameworks for Size-Selective Biocatalysis in Organic Solvent. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 8, [714].


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Hantke, I., Schäfer, H., Kramer, R., & Turgay, K. (2019). Das stressige Leben des Bacillus subtilis. BioSpektrum, 25(2), 150-152.
Hantke, I., Schäfer, H., Janczikowski, A., & Turgay, K. (2019). YocM a small heat shock protein can protect Bacillus subtilis cells during salt stress. Molecular microbiology, 111(2), 423-440.
Hengge, R., Häussler, S., Pruteanu, M., Stülke, J., Tschowri, N., & Turgay, K. (2019). Recent Advances and Current Trends in Nucleotide Second Messenger Signaling in Bacteria. Journal of molecular biology, 431(5), 908-927.
Ho, A., Lee, H. J., Reumer, M., Meima-Franke, M., Raaijmakers, C., Zweers, H., de Boer, W., Van der Putten, W. H., & Bodelier, P. L. E. (2019). Unexpected role of canonical aerobic methanotrophs in upland agricultural soils. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 131, 1-8.

Showing entries 91 - 100 out of 205
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