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Lasota, S., Stephan, I., Horn, M. A., Otto, W., & Noll, M. (2019). Copper in wood preservatives delayed wood decomposition and shifted soil fungal but not bacterial community composition. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 85(4), [e02391-18].
Lewandowski, J., Arnon, S., Banks, E., Batelaan, O., Betterle, A., Broecker, T., Coll, C., Drummond, J. D., Garcia, J. G., Galloway, J., Gomez-Velez, J., Grabowski, R. C., Herzog, S. P., Hinkelmann, R., Höhne, A., Hollender, J., Horn, M. A., Jaeger, A., Krause, S., ... Wu, L. (2019). Is the hyporheic zone relevant beyond the scientific community? Water (Switzerland), 11(11), [2230].,
Mulvenna, N., Hantke, I., Burchell, L., Nicod, S., Bell, D., Turgay, K., & Wigneshweraraj, S. (2019). Xenogeneic modulation of the ClpCP protease of Bacillus subtilis by a phage-encoded adaptor-like protein. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 294(46), 17501-17511.,,
Schäfer, H., & Turgay, K. (2019). Spx, a versatile regulator of the Bacillus subtilis stress response. Current genetics, 65(4), 871-876.
Schäfer, H. (2019). The Role of the Stringent Response and Spx in Stress Response and Thermotolerance Development. [Doctoral thesis, Leibniz University Hannover]. Leibniz Universität Hannover.
Wang, Y., Zhang, N., Hübner, R., Tan, D., Löffler, M., Facsko, S., Zhang, E., Ge, Y., Qi, Z., & Wu, C. (2019). Enzymes Immobilized on Carbon Nitride (C 3 N 4 ) Cooperating with Metal Nanoparticles for Cascade Catalysis. Advanced materials interfaces, 6(6), [1801664].
Wu, D., Horn, M. A., Behrendt, T., Müller, S., Li, J., Cole, J. A., Xie, B., Ju, X., Li, G., Ermel, M., Oswald, R., Fröhlich-Nowoisky, J., Hoor, P., Hu, C., Liu, M., Andreae, M. O., Pöschl, U., Cheng, Y., Su, H., ... Sörgel, M. (2019). Soil HONO emissions at high moisture content are driven by microbial nitrate reduction to nitrite: tackling the HONO puzzle. The ISME journal, 13(7), 1688-1699.
Yan, R., Kappler, A., Muehe, E. M., Knorr, K-H., Horn, M. A., Poser, A., Lohmayer, R., & Peiffer, S. (2019). Effect of Reduced Sulfur Species on Chemolithoautotrophic Pyrite Oxidation with Nitrate. Geomicrobiology journal, 36(1), 19-29.


Diehl, A., Roske, Y., Ball, L., Chowdhury, A., Hiller, M., Molière, N., Kramer, R., Stöppler, D., Worth, C. L., Schlegel, B., Leidert, M., Cremer, N., Erdmann, N., Lopez, D., Stephanowitz, H., Krause, E., van Rossum, B. J., Schmieder, P., Heinemann, U., ... Oschkinat, H. (2018). Structural changes of TasA in biofilm formation of Bacillus subtilis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 115(13), 3237-3242.,
Dougan, D. A., Hantke, I., & Turgay, K. (2018). Dysregulating ClpP: From Antibiotics to Anticancer? Cell Chemical Biology, 25(8), 929-930.

Showing entries 101 - 110 out of 202