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Brief survey of research methods that we use in our institute.

We combine current methods of molecular microbiology with methods of protein chemistry and biophysics.

Molecular genetics

We use a broad range of molecular genetics tools. Besides standard tools of cloning and expression of genes for the production of natural or artificial proteins with or without tags, we use methods such as various mutagenesis and complementation methods, reporter gene fusion tools, single-copy chromosomal integration, and artificial amino acid incorporation into proteins for in vivo cross-linking.

Protein chemistry tools

Besides standard tools for the production, chromatographic purification and functional characterization of proteins, we use protein modification tools, and cross-linking as well as fluorescence based approaches to analyze all kinds of protein-related aspects, with a clear focus on protein-protein interactions (ITC, DSC, SPR).

One focus is on the analyses of membrane proteins. We solubilize and purify membrane protein complexes that we analyze by BN-PAGE to understand their assembly.

Microscopy tools

Besides standard phase contrast microscopy to examine cell morphologies etc., we use electron microscopy to analyze bacteria that attach to surfaces to form biofilms.

We use classical fluorescence microscopy and confocal laser scanning microscopy to detect fluorescent proteins in bacterial compartments.