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Schniete, J. K., Brüser, T., Horn, M. A., & Tschowri, N. (2024). Specialized biopolymers: versatile tools for microbial resilience. Current opinion in microbiology, 77, Artikel 102405. Vorabveröffentlichung online.


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Brüser, T., & Mehner-Breitfeld, D. (2022). Occurrence and potential mechanism of holin-mediated non-lytic protein translocation in bacteria. Microbial Cell, 9(10), 159 - 173.
Mehner-Breitfeld, D., Ringel, M. T., Tichy, D. A., Endter, L. J., Stroh, K. S., Lünsdorf, H., Risselada, H. J., & Brüser, T. (2022). TatA and TatB generate a hydrophobic mismatch important for the function and assembly of the Tat translocon in Escherichia coli. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 298(9), Artikel 102236. Vorabveröffentlichung online.
Sugue, M-F., Burdur, A. N., Ringel, M. T., Dräger, G., & Brüser, T. (2022). PvdM of fluorescent pseudomonads is required for the oxidation of ferribactin by PvdP in periplasmic pyoverdine maturation. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 298(8), Artikel 102201. Vorabveröffentlichung online.


Hoffmann, L., Sugue, M. F., & Brüser, T. (2021). A tunable anthranilate-inducible gene expression system for Pseudomonas species. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 105, 247-258. Vorabveröffentlichung online.
Mehner-Breitfeld, D., Schwarzkopf, J. M. F., Young, R., Kondabagil, K., & Brüser, T. (2021). The Phage T4 Antiholin RI Has a Cleavable Signal Peptide, Not a SAR Domain. Frontiers in Microbiology, 12, Artikel 712460.
Valenzuela-Heredia, D., Henríquez-Castillo, C., Donoso, R., Lavín, P., Ulloa, O., Ringel, M. T., Brüser, T., & Campos, J. L. (2021). An unusual overrepresentation of genetic factors related to iron homeostasis in the genome of the fluorescent Pseudomonas sp. ABC1. Microbial Biotechnology, 14(3), 1060-1072. Vorabveröffentlichung online.


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Heidrich, E. S., & Brüser, T. (2018). Evidence for a second regulatory binding site on PspF that is occupied by the C-terminal domain of PspA. PLOS ONE, 13(6), Artikel e0198564.,