Sample preparation for analysis of the plant mitochondrial membrane proteome

authored by
Christine Schikowsky, Beate Thal, Hans Peter Braun, Holger Eubel

Containing plastids and vacuoles in addition to those organelles also found in other (heterotrophic) cells, the plant cell displays an extraordinary level of compartmentalization, largely obtained by the utilization of membranes. These membranes not only confine reaction spaces but must also facilitate cross-talk between organelles and other cell compartments. They also host important components of the plant energy metabolism, i.e., the electron transport chains of mitochondria and chloroplasts. Characterization of the proteomes of these membranes requires isolation of pure and intact organelles from plant tissues followed by subsequent purification of their respective membranes. Membrane fractions are then amenable for further analyses using gel electrophoresis procedures or gel-free proteomic approaches. Here, we describe the preparation of intact mitochondria from Arabidopsis thaliana cell-culture, the isolation of outer and inner mitochondrial membranes and downstream proteomic applications for analyzing their membrane protein content.

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