European network for characterisation and evaluation of the genus rosa germplasm (in French)

authored by
M. H. Gandelin, S. Reynders-Aloisi, B. Mando, T. Debener, R. Drewes-Alvarez, B. Spellerberg, J. Cubero, A. Roberts

The aim of this program is to set up a European network of collection of all forms of roses: modern, wild and primitive. We want to take the census of rose varieties in order to manage and conserve the genetic resources of roses. This is of utmost importance, as it will help keep the genetic heritage of a genus of such a symbolic impact as rose. This census and characterisation will also have a great influence on breeder's work, as it will help them use new progenitors and thus enlarge the genetic bases of rose breeding programs. In this paper we present the first structure of this network, it's first results and it's potential developments and perspectives. This program received a financial help of the European union agriculture division as part of GENRES052 concerted action.

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